About us

Welcome to Care Nashville Brentwood & Franklin

Welcome to care Nashville

Care Nashville is a functional medicine and wellness clinic located in Brentwood, Tennessee. We are a veteran-owned small business that was founded in February 2022 in order to provide the greater Nashville area with personalized, compassionate, and comprehensive care. 

It is our mission to provide relief to those who struggle with chronic illness or chronic pain. As functional medicine practitioners, we believe in identifying and treating the underlying causes for disease and chronic pain, rather than just managing or suppressing symptoms. 

We do this by developing a detailed understanding of each patient’s unique genetic, biochemical, and lifestyle factors.

Along with our Nurse Practitioner, our team utilizes advanced diagnostic testing to provide science-backed medical care that is significantly more personalized than standard medicine. 

Additionally, we offer innovative aesthetic and wellness treatments to improve the overall health and confidence of our patients. We have carefully curated a selection of clinical-grade devices and therapies that can help you reach your health and beauty goals. We understand that self-confidence is a crucial component of our emotional and mental well-being, and we aim to help our patients improve their quality of life with research-proven treatments. 

If you are struggling with your health and feel that you have not been served effectively by conventional medicine, schedule a consultation at Care Nashville and find out how functional medicine can benefit you. To speak to one of our caring staff members, call 615-591-1965 or fill out our online consultation form below.