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What is the Virus and Immunity IV?

The Virus and Immunity IV is an intravenous infusion that is formulated to optimize immune function and to help support the body in combating viral infections and diseases. By providing the body with immediately available fluids and vitamins, the immune system is able to operate at a higher level and reduce the symptoms of infection or avoid the viral infection altogether.

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The Virus and Immunity IV works by supplying the body with a number of essential vitamins and nutrients, all combined in a saline solution that provides immediate hydration. The immediate increase in fluids helps the body’s natural cleansing process occur, and the immune system has an increased ability to flush the pathogen out of its system. 

Additionally, the Virus and Immunity IV contains vitamin C, zinc, powerful antioxidants, and vitamin B. Each of these vitamins is essential to the functioning of the immune system and overall cellular health. Vitamin C helps to decrease the production of histamine, reducing the symptoms of illness and allergies. Vitamin B is crucial to our cellular health and metabolism, and zinc helps both the immune system and metabolism function.

The Virus and Immunity IV is an effective, quick, and simple treatment that can be completed in just 30-60 minutes. During this time, you will be able to sit back and relax in our private treatment area. Many patients will notice the benefits of the infusion within minutes, as the fluids and vitamins are immediately absorbed by the body. 

To maintain the benefits of the infusion over time, regular infusions are recommended to support immune functioning. Your provider will help you formulate a treatment plan depending on your unique health circumstances and individual factors. 

The Virus and Immunity IV can be a beneficial treatment option for people with a variety of viral infections, chronic illnesses, and diseases, as it boosts the immune system to help combat infection. The infusion can also be used to maintain healthy immune functioning and overall wellness in order to prevent future infection.

The Virus and Immunity IV is a well-tolerated, minimally invasive procedure that can be beneficial for a wide range of individuals. People with chronic illness, as well as those who are generally healthy, can make good candidates for this treatment

Your provider will help formulate a treatment plan depending on your overall health, lifestyle factors, and response to treatment. The recommended frequency of infusions will also be dependent on these factors.

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