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What is the Stress
Support IV?

Chronic stress can cause a number of physical symptoms and health concerns. With professional expectations, conflicts in our personal lives, and familial responsibilities, it is common to experience prolonged stress or anxiety. When this occurs, our bodies release chemicals and stress hormones that keep us constantly in a state of fight-or-flight. Over time, this has negative effects on our bodies and overall health.

The Stress Support IV helps to combat some of the harmful effects of stress, helping our bodies to recover from the toll that stress takes on our physical health. By supporting the functioning of the body, including the brain and immune system, the Stress Support IV can also help give us resilience to future stressors. 

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The Stress Support IV works by infusing the body with fluids and a formulation of beneficial vitamins and nutrients that promote the healthy functioning of systems in our bodies and brains that are linked to stress. The stress support IV contains calcium, amino acids, and magnesium to help reduce the symptoms of chronic stress.

Magnesium assists in nerve, brain, and heart function, and is essential to energy production. When these systems are working properly and efficiently, the body is better able to withstand stress. When your brain has the vitamins and minerals it needs, it encourages the functioning of neurotransmitters that release chemicals to reduce anxiety, enhance focus, and elevate mood. 

It is estimated that up to 75% of Americans may be deficient in magnesium. This is especially concerning, as magnesium deficiency has been linked to migraine headaches and mental health disorders. The Stress Support IV provides the body with the magnesium and other vitamins and nutrients that are needed for proper functioning.

 The Stress Support IV is a quick and simple treatment that can be done in just 30 minutes at our Nashville-based clinic. Patients usually report an overall improvement in physical wellness immediately, as the fluids and vitamins absorb into the body. The benefits of the treatment continue to improve in the following days. With regular infusions, patients can experience an improvement in overall mental and physical wellness, as well as increased resilience to stress.

The Stress Support IV can effectively reduce many of the physical symptoms associated with chronic or prolonged stress, including:

  • Anxiety and/or depression
  • Nausea or appetite changes 
  • Headaches and/or migraines
  • Low energy levels 
  • Fatigue 
  • Low mood and irritability 
  • Poor focus and mental clarity
  • Insomnia and poor sleep

A wide variety of individuals can benefit from the Stress Support IV, as the treatment is minimally invasive and contains safe and effective vitamins and supplements. People who have high-stress careers or lifestyles can benefit from the Stress Support IV, as well as people who are experiencing a more short-term stressful experience.

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