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What is the Brainstorm IV?

Most of us have some ideas about taking care of our bodies, but what about your brain? Cognitive functioning tends to decline with age, but science has discovered that several vitamins and supplements can protect and support cognitive function.

Anyone who wants to take action to maintain and support a healthy brain can benefit from Brainstorm IV therapy. Safe and drug-free, this treatment can be used on an ongoing basis to protect your brain from the effects of aging.

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The Brainstorm IV contains a blend of vitamins and supplements, all contained in a sterile saline solution. These include:

Folic Acid

Research has shown that folic acid can decrease inflammation, which can cause cognitive decline. High levels of folic acid support and protect the nervous system. 


L-taurine has been shown to protect neurons in the brain from the processes that cause dementia. It offers long-term protection from environmental and internal factors. 

Alpha-Lipoic Acid

Shown to prevent cognitive impairment, this neuroprotective supplement maintains a healthy memory, learning ability, and overall function. 

Vitamin B12

People with low levels of B12 may be more likely to experience cognitive decline than those who maintain high levels of this vitamin, which also protects and supports the brain. 

You will have a small IV line placed in a vein in your arm to infuse this fluid. The digestive system only absorbs a fraction of the vitamins and minerals from our diet, and some protein-based supplements are barely absorbed. By delivering these straight into your bloodstream, IV therapy allows these critical supplements to travel directly to where they are needed.

Treatment takes about 30 minutes, and you can relax comfortably during that time. You will feel no discomfort as the fluid infuses. Many people find that they feel energized and refreshed due to the hydration they get from the IV saline. Beneficial effects may begin within days, and you can maintain your levels with regular Brainstorm IV therapy sessions.

Brainstorm IV offers a powerful way to protect your brain from cognitive decline and possible dementia. Brainstorm IV therapy can also improve:

  • Memory and recall
  • Learning and forming new neural connections
  • Overall brain function
  • Focus, concentration, and cognitive performance

Anyone who wants a healthier, sharper brain can benefit from Brainstorm IV therapy. Its components occur naturally in the body, and treatment boosts them to the maximum benefit level. If you want to protect your brain the way you protect your body, Brainstorm IV therapy can help.

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