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What is DreamTONE?

DreamTONE is a non-invasive body sculpting treatment that stimulates muscle growth. While you relax during the treatment, the DreamTONE device works to build muscle, enhancing the tone and definition of the treated area.

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The DreamTONE device is designed to tone and build muscles by transmitting controlled electromagnetic pulsation through the targeted areas. These electromagnetic pulsations stimulate the muscles and cause them to contract, creating a reaction similar to what happens when you work out. 

According to the Dream Body Sculpting site, in just one session, the DreamTONE device can stimulate the muscles as much as 20,000 situps or squats. The treatment helps to build muscle mass, increase definition, and improve the overall silhouette. DreamTone can also be combined with the Dream Body device, which simultaneously destroys fat cells and tightens the skin.

 When you combine the DreamTONE and Dream Body technologies, you can lose up to 19% body fat and gain up to 16% muscle throughout a series of treatments. Most patients will require 4, 6, or 8 treatments depending on their unique needs and aesthetic goals.

When you arrive for a DreamTONE appointment at Care Nashville, you will be taken to a private treatment room where you can relax as the technology does its job. Your clinician will apply a DreamTONE applicator to your desired treatment area. 

Common treatment areas include the:

  • Arms
  • Abdomen 
  • Buttocks 
  • Thighs

During the treatment, you will feel the vibrations of the machine, as well as the sensation of your muscles contracting with each pulse. The treatment is completely non-invasive, and the sensation is not painful. Patients are able to return to work, or any of their usual activities, immediately after a DreamTONE treatment.  

After a series of DreamTONE treatments, you will notice visible muscle growth and increased definition in the treatment area. Many patients will choose to treat their glute muscles in order to create a more curvaceous figure and a more lifted derriere.  

Another common treatment area is the abdominal muscles. When treated with the DreamTone device, the core is strengthened and defined, which is especially beneficial if you have experienced muscle separation due to pregnancy (Diastasis Recti). Our clients begin to notice results after the first session, but typically you need three to five treatments before they see permanent changes.

DreamTONE treatments are beneficial for clients who would like to grow their muscles, even if they are actively building muscle in the gym. As the treatment is non-invasive, a wide variety of patients can benefit from the DreamTONE technology. 

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