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Care NAshville FAQ

When you arrive for your first appointment at Care Nashville, there will be medical history and intake forms for you to fill out. To ensure you get the full allotted time for your appointment, please fill out all forms before you arrive or come at least 40 minutes prior to fill out the forms at our office. Allot 2 hours for your initial functional medicine appointment. You may also fill out these forms in advance of your appointment, which is suggested due to the in-depth nature of the forms’ questions.

During your initial consultation, you will start by having a conversation with one of our practitioners where we will ask questions to understand your experiences and symptoms as thoroughly as possible. You will then have a series of diagnostic tests, where we compile as much data as possible to discover the root cause of your condition. 

We will then discuss our recommended treatment options and help you formulate an individualized treatment plan. We will help you consider your lifestyle factors, budget, and timeline to create a plan that works well for you.

At Care Nashville, we practice Functional Medicine, which is a personalized approach to medical care that addresses each patient as an individual and aims to optimize the ‘function’ of each organ. 

We are also proud to have a Nurse Practitioner as a member of our team, helping to formulate treatment plans based on research-proven methods. Additionally, Care Nashville is a Veteran-owned small business that is proudly owned and staffed by passionate members of the Nashville community.

Care Nashville is not in network with any insurance companies, therefore insurance is not accepted.

Treatments & Services FAQ

The average IV therapy session typically takes between 30 and 60 minutes. During this time, you will be able to relax in our treatment area.

Many of our patients report feeling the benefits of IV Therapy immediately. Anytime your body is boosted by high dose nutrients and vitamins, often within minutes of the treatment, patients will feel more energized and have more mental focus. The rest of the benefits of your specific IV therapy will be felt around three days after treatment.

If you are in good general health and are using IV Therapy as a beneficial treatment for overall wellness, you will probably benefit from treatment once or twice a month. If you have a chronic illness or have been recommended IV Therapy as part of a medical treatment plan, your practitioner may recommend undergoing IV Therapy more frequently.

We offer Intravenous Ozone, which is administered directly into the bloodstream for immediate absorption and distribution throughout the body. We do this by first extracting a blood sample, and completely dissolving ozone gas into it. Once the ozone is thoroughly incorporated, the blood sample is re-injected into the body.

Unlike many experiences with conventional medicine, Functional Medicine practitioners are dedicated to uncovering the underlying causes of chronic illness and pain, rather than suppressing symptoms. 

We use what is called the ‘root-cause’ approach, which is different from standard medical care, in which symptoms and disease are typically managed with long-term prescriptions. Identifying root causes paves the way for less spending on a lifetime of “sick care” full of prescription drugs while improving quality of life.

The amount of time that it takes before Low-Dose Naltrexone (LDN) begins to show benefits varies from patient to patient. Most people can expect to feel improvements in their levels of pain and inflammation within the first several weeks, though some patients will experience improvement one to two months after beginning treatment.

A typical ReGain Laser treatment is only 5 to 15 minutes long. Depending on the size of the area being treated, the treatment time can increase. In addition to your treatment, you will also have a discussion with your practitioner to discuss treatment and results. In total, you should expect to be at your appointment for approximately 20-30 minutes.

Treatments & Services FAQ Brentwood & Franklin

Start the journey to improving your health by scheduling a consultation at Care Nashville. To learn more, visit our FAQ page or contact our office directly at 615-591-1965. To schedule a consultation, call our office or fill out our consultation request form and one of our staff members will contact you shortly.